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Battle for Supremacy: Which Operating System is Better?

iOS vs Android

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I constantly hear arguments how each operating system is ultimately better than the other. Although Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and the other formats all have their appeal, can you really say which one is better than the other in terms of functionality? Or, perhaps it becomes more of a popularity contest perpetuated by fans of each device.

Because of the nature of each operating system, a blind test for actual usage may be next to impossible. Unless you could find a person who hasn’t used either device or has not had influence from family members or friends, a test of this magnitude may be fruitless.

In order to provide some light as to which operating system is more preferred, I decided to use the statistics available for one of my other websites. Since is not affiliated with computer technology, it is OS neutral. This means that the following stats are based purely by the interest of a user on learning how to make money from home – regardless of what operating system they use.

  • In the past year, Windows has been the preferred OS of users at 51.25%
  • The number two position for operating systems belongs to iOS with 21.82%
  • Trailing at number three was Macintosh at 12.27%
  • And at number four, unfortunately, was Android at 10.86%

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Sony’s SPA-TA1 Clip-on Camera Adapter for Photography

Sony SPA TA1 Camera AdapterOne of the more endearing abilities of many high-end tablets, and even some low end ones, is the ability to take amazingly clear photographs. Armed with several megapixels worth of detail, the clarity can be quite amazing. However, some of the zoom features of tablets just don’t seem to quite accompany the electronic capabilities. Enter Sony’s SPA-TA1 clip-on camera adapter for tablets.

The SPA-TA1 is able to attach to a tablet with a minimum width of 7.5-inches and allows users to connect the QX10 and QX100 WiFi enabled cameras to such tablet. Software such as PlayMemories as well as many others can utilize the WiFi camera’s abilities.

Taking images with tablets is a growing trend. As most mobile devices are comparable to the abilities of digital cameras, there really is a declining need for having both of these devices. Seeing how even the most cheap of tablets have cameras that are more detailed than professional quality devices more than a decade ago, you can condense all of your family reunion needs in just one easy to carry unit.

It is rumored that the SPA-TA1 will have a price tag of around $40, but you’ll need the QX10 or QX100 camera units in order to fully use the adapter. As either of these cameras are well into the $200 – $400 price range, you should be sure that this is what you want.
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More Windows-based Tablets on the Horizon

Windows 8 MetroWith the development of Windows 8 being geared more towards the touch screen, mobile device users, more manufacturers are looking towards developing these devices. If any of you have used Windows 8 in a desktop, you probably share my heart ache of not being able to find networking or various settings without exploring Google. However, this OS may be good for a mobile device.

I still stick to my original thought of Windows 8 looking more like it was designed for kids and the elderly, but I should give credit for developing a system that seems to be popular with the masses. I doubt it will overtake the iPad or Android tablets in terms of overall popularity, but you never know.

According to, the Windows OS was seen in 0.91% of smartphone devices accessing various websites by the end of December of 2012. Over the span of 2013, that number increased to 2.08%. This is a steady climb, but may not be enough to make competitors worry. Android went from 39.39% of devices to 42.99% between October and December of 2013 – probably thanks to the Galaxy Note and others that came out before Christmas. With both of these operating systems on the climb, which smartphone is falling to allow this change? Well, aside from Symbian and a few others that are in the low areas of use, Apple’s iOS was detected in less websites. The ever popular iPhone dropped from 23.26% to 21.82% over the span of 2013.

Considering that only one manufacturer produces iOS devices, 21.82% is nothing to scoff at. Although Android’s commanding lead of visibility is almost 50% of smartphones on the Internet, look at the long list manufacturers. Every one from Samsung to Coby Kyros uses the Google-developed operating system in various devices. High-quality devices to cheaper knock-offs use Android as it’s essentially free to install on the various developments. This means that Android gets a commanding lead in the market share for operating systems, but most individual devices are below Apple in terms of developing hardware.

Some specialists believe that Windows 8 is going to be big for 2014. Personally, I have my own reservations as I don’t like the OS that much. However, the market for technology is amazingly fickle and users may turn to Windows as the next big thing on tablets and smartphones.

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